Thursday, November 11, 2010

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Part of the process of applying to volunteer with eMi, we have to sign a disclaimer that says amongst other things, that we will not drink alcoholic beverages while on trip with them. Ironically, the small 12’x15’ space that we adopted as our office space for the duration of the trip was in fact a bar. We laughed as two of us pulled up stools at the bar to clunk away designing at the computer and 4-6 others arranged our serving tables from dinner in the center for their laptops and to use for drawing alongside the blank wall that became littered with trash paper and drafting dots, an architect’s staple tools for schematic design. I found my spot behind the bar, next to the small travel printer and in front of the wall of beer. As a fact though, there were really only 12-24 beers in the whole bar that we could find… not that we were looking of course. There was however a stuffed deer on the wall – stuffed with cotton, a children’s animal that is, I never did ask about this Bambi - lol.

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