Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Week End

It’s Saturday, the conclusion of our design “charette.”* My thoughts at this point are a craving for rice krispy treats (thanks to Ben for bringing THAT up!) and Cape Cod Potato Chips (I’ve got the late night munchies), as well as a ping of sadness as I am at the beginning of recognizing I’ll need to start thinking about leaving my new friends, goodbyes, and the world beyond our Africa ministry bubble.

*The concept of charette comes from the French word for “cart.” The word began use during the days of the L’Ecole Beau Arts, the first school of architecture, when a professor sent around a cart to the student housing at the time the design assignment was due. Many students, setting the precedent for today’s all-nighters and last minute design changes, would hop onto the cart that was collecting the project models and final drafts, thus capturing a few last minutes of work as they rode the cart towards its final destination.

TEAM:  Architects, project manager, water, surveyor, structural, and road designer all at work designing and computing together.

TEAM:  Three architects discuss our designs-in-progress with the structural engineer.

TEAM:  ICM director James Kamau speaks clearly and directly about his vision and desires for the campus master plan as the architects stand by making adjustments.

CAMPUS MASTERPLAN:  At the conclusion of Day 1, the design team presented 5 distinctly different master plan designs to James.  His wonderfully clear responses directed us to draw from a few and dispose the others.

CAMPUS MASTERPLAN:  After one week of designing, we presented a masterplan that took into account specific building design and all the disciplines present and necessary to construct.

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