Monday, November 8, 2010

Work Day 1

Architects are particular people. We are creative. We are leaders. We often struggle to work in groups ;). We experienced a bit of that struggle today. It was somewhat comical in how things turned out after the two lead architects gave us each a scheme to develop, then return to all share tasks for creating consistent graphic presentation of them all as a united “ours.” Our team lead was recruited to help out with our crew, and he got majorly carried away! No matter how often we told him to wait for a team decision he was one step ahead, plowing the way for us all to play catch up with whatever decisions he made. It really was comical how our group was huddled up in a small room together switching plans each taking a part, speaking up to ask who was doing what and how, and most often getting the answer “well, Rex did it this way, so I guess that’s how we’re all doing it.” We are all particular people. Just one example from today.

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