Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I amsterdam

As I emerge from the underground tunnels, my eye lands on its first Dutch Windmill. With its four sheik modern blades it glides through the air softly, giving power to this modern town in a very traditional way.

The architecture takes me back to my sophomore year in college. It was my best year of architectural design. I can hear Harry Eggink going on and on about how amazing “his” Holland is; the canals, narrow roads, bridges, and tall residential mixed-use construction. I can see the building I designed and rendered slide right into the context here.

Sheep pasture – pads of pure green grassy land separated by 3-5’ canals with fluffy white sheep only 20 minutes from the city center.

WINDMILL: The traditional windmills are nowhere to be seen, but the modern new ones still speckle the countryside.

AMSTERDAM: My sophmore project was to design a building within a row of homes/shops like this.

SHEEP: Looking at them still makes me giggle!

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